Interface IDevice

All Known Subinterfaces:
IDeviceController, IInputOutput, ISensor, IUtility
All Known Implementing Classes:
Accelerometer, AnalogTrigger, AnalogTriggerOutput, AxisCamera, Compressor, Dashboard, DigitalInput, DigitalOutput, DoubleSolenoid, DriverStation, DriverStationEnhancedIO, DriverStationLCD, Encoder, GearTooth, Gyro, HiTechnicCompass, Jaguar, Joystick, PIDController, Relay, RobotDrive, SendableGyro, SendablePIDController, Servo, Solenoid, SolenoidBase, Timer, Ultrasonic, Utility, Victor, Watchdog

public interface IDevice

An IDevice is any WPILibJ object which can be used in the creation of the robot program

Ryan O'Meara