Class AnalogTriggerOutput

  extended by edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.SensorBase
      extended by edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.InterruptableSensorBase
          extended by edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.DigitalSource
              extended by edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.AnalogTriggerOutput
All Implemented Interfaces:
IDevice, IInputOutput, FrcBotSimComponent

public class AnalogTriggerOutput
extends DigitalSource
implements IInputOutput

Class to represent a specific output from an analog trigger. This class is used to get the current output value and also as a DigitalSource to provide routing of an output to digital subsystems on the FPGA such as Counter, Encoder, and Interrupt. The TriggerState output indicates the primary output value of the trigger. If the analog signal is less than the lower limit, the output is false. If the analog value is greater than the upper limit, then the output is true. If the analog value is in between, then the trigger output state maintains its most recent value. The InWindow output indicates whether or not the analog signal is inside the range defined by the limits. The RisingPulse and FallingPulse outputs detect an instantaneous transition from above the upper limit to below the lower limit, and vise versa. These pulses represent a rollover condition of a sensor and can be routed to an up / down couter or to interrupts. Because the outputs generate a pulse, they cannot be read directly. To help ensure that a rollover condition is not missed, there is an average rejection filter available that operates on the upper 8 bits of a 12 bit number and selects the nearest outlyer of 3 samples. This will reject a sample that is (due to averaging or sampling) errantly between the two limits. This filter will fail if more than one sample in a row is errantly in between the two limits. You may see this problem if attempting to use this feature with a mechanical rollover sensor, such as a 360 degree no-stop potentiometer without signal conditioning, because the rollover transition is not sharp / clean enough. Using the averaging engine may help with this, but rotational speeds of the sensor will then be limited.

Nested Class Summary
 class AnalogTriggerOutput.AnalogTriggerOutputException
          Exceptions dealing with improper operation of the Analog trigger output
static class AnalogTriggerOutput.Type
          Type determines under what state the analog trigger evaluates to true or false
Field Summary
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interrupts, m_interrupt, m_interruptIndex, m_manager
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kAnalogChannels, kAnalogModules, kDigitalChannels, kPwmChannels, kRelayChannels, kSolenoidChannels, kSolenoidModules, kSystemClockTicksPerMicrosecond, n_simProperties
Constructor Summary
AnalogTriggerOutput(AnalogTrigger trigger, AnalogTriggerOutput.Type outputType)
          Create an object that represents one of the four outputs from an analog trigger.
Method Summary
 void free()
          Free the resources used by this object
 boolean get()
          Get the state of the analog trigger output.
 boolean getAnalogTriggerForRouting()
          Is this an analog trigger
 int getChannelForRouting()
          Get the channel routing number
 int getModuleForRouting()
          Get the module routing number
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Constructor Detail


public AnalogTriggerOutput(AnalogTrigger trigger,
                           AnalogTriggerOutput.Type outputType)
Create an object that represents one of the four outputs from an analog trigger. Because this class derives from DigitalSource, it can be passed into routing functions for Counter, Encoder, etc.

trigger - The trigger for which this is an output.
outputType - An enum that specifies the output on the trigger to represent.
Method Detail


public void free()
Description copied from class: SensorBase
Free the resources used by this object

free in class SensorBase


public boolean get()
Get the state of the analog trigger output.

The state of the analog trigger output.


public int getChannelForRouting()
Description copied from class: DigitalSource
Get the channel routing number

Specified by:
getChannelForRouting in class DigitalSource
channel routing number


public int getModuleForRouting()
Description copied from class: DigitalSource
Get the module routing number

Specified by:
getModuleForRouting in class DigitalSource
module routing number


public boolean getAnalogTriggerForRouting()
Description copied from class: DigitalSource
Is this an analog trigger

Specified by:
getAnalogTriggerForRouting in class DigitalSource
true if this is an analog trigger