Package edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.command

Class Summary
Command The Command class is at the very core of the entire command framework.
CommandGroup A CommandGroup is a list of commands which are executed in sequence.
PIDCommand This class defines a Command which interacts heavily with a PID loop.
PIDSubsystem This class is designed to handle the case where there is a Subsystem which uses a single PIDController almost constantly (for instance, an elevator which attempts to stay at a constant height).
PrintCommand A PrintCommand is a command which prints out a string when it is initialized, and then immediately finishes.
Scheduler The Scheduler is a singleton which holds the top-level running commands.
StartCommand A StartCommand will call the start() method of another command when it is initialized and will finish immediately.
Subsystem This class defines a major component of the robot.
WaitCommand A WaitCommand will wait for a certain amount of time before finishing.
WaitForChildren This command will only finish if whatever CommandGroup it is in has no active children.
WaitUntilCommand WaitUntilCommand - waits until an absolute game time.

Exception Summary
IllegalUseOfCommandException This exception will be thrown if a command is used illegally.