Package edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.smartdashboard

Interface Summary
SmartDashboardData Anything that implements the SmartDashboardData interface can be sent to the SmartDashboard using putData(...).
SmartDashboardNamedData This class is a minor extension to SmartDashboardData that describes a getName() method that allows the SmartDashboard class to automatically assign the field of the data in its putData(...) method.

Class Summary
SendableChooser The SendableChooser class is a useful tool for presenting a selection of options to the SmartDashboard.
SendableGyro The SendableGyro class behaves exactly the same as a Gyro except that it also implements SmartDashboardData so that it can be sent over to the SmartDashboard.
SendablePIDController A SendablePIDController is a PIDController that can be sent over to the SmartDashboard using the putData(...) method.
SmartDashboard The SmartDashboard class is the bridge between robot programs and the SmartDashboard on the laptop.