Class Preferences.IncompatibleTypeException

  extended by java.lang.Throwable
      extended by java.lang.Exception
          extended by java.lang.RuntimeException
              extended by edu.wpi.first.wpilibj.Preferences.IncompatibleTypeException
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public static class Preferences.IncompatibleTypeException
extends java.lang.RuntimeException

This exception is thrown if the a value requested cannot be converted to the requested type.

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Constructor Summary
Preferences.IncompatibleTypeException(java.lang.String value, java.lang.String type)
          Creates an exception with a description based on the input
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public Preferences.IncompatibleTypeException(java.lang.String value,
                                             java.lang.String type)
Creates an exception with a description based on the input

value - the value that can not be converted
type - the type that the value can not be converted to